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Portraits Of & Letters From Famous People

Archbishop Fulton Sheen was well known for his preaching on television and radio.

The following images are all related to Paul’s pictures of U.S Presidents. Paul typed portraits of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and the presidents from Franklin Roosevelt through George W. Bush. No copies of his portrait of Lyndon Johnson have been located. The quality of the copies available for the other presidents is overall very poor — copies of copies of copies …

The address for Paul in this 1944 letter from FDR differs from the address appearing on one of Paul’s pictures from 1940 of a train.

It’s not known when Paul typed the alternative picture of FDR below.

The only version of Paul’s portrait of John F. Kennedy is from a newspaper article about the picture.

Julie Nixon Eisenhower, daughter of Richard Nixon, stopped at the nursing facility where Paul lived while campaigning for her father in 1972. She later sent Paul this note.

In addition to the portrait of Jimmy Carter shown above, Paul worked on a typed reproduction of a portrait of the Jimmy with Rosalyn, his wife, and Amy, his daughter. It’s not known if he finished this picture.

Paul updated his portrait of Bill Clinton for the president’s second term.