Videos Featuring PauL

In 2004, a crew from KING-TV, an NBC affiliate in Seattle, drove 350 miles to Roseburg, Oregon to film Paul. Paul was 83 years old at the time and, due primarily to cataracts, was winding down his artwork. The TV crew was led by John Stofflet, who by all accounts did an incredible job of working with Paul to put together this video. Mr. Stofflet now is with the NBC affiliate in Madison, Wisconsin and his work has earned him 25 Emmy Awards — two for this video.
This slideshow features close-up detail of many of Paul’s pictures mixed with information about Paul.
Paul can be seen typing a picture in this clip extracted from a 1988 television program by ABC called Incredible Sunday. The man describing Paul’s technique and character is his friend, John Cermak.
This clip, taken from near the end of ABC’s Incredible Sunday segment on Paul, sheds a little more insight into the patience, perseverance, and humility underlying his life and art.

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